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Extend System Partition for Windows SBS 2003

C drive is usually labeled as the first partition on your hard disk drive and in most case we install operating system on this drive, so C drive is marked as system partition in most cases. When system partition is running low disk space, system will alert you to delete some data to free disk space. In this article, we will introduce the way to extend system partition for Windows SBS 2003.

SBS 2003 Partition Software Download
SBS 2003 is Windows Server OS of Microsoft. In order to extend system partition on Windows SBS 2003, you need to rely on partition software that can be compatible with Windows SBS 2003 operating system. Partition software is compatible with all Windows Servers to extend system partition and data volume without reinstalling system. Working as partition magic, partition software allows you to extend system partition without rebooting or repartitioning. This partition software is easy to use and secure.

Step-by-step Guide to Extend SBS 2003 System Partition
Step1. Download, install and run partition software. Right click a partition that has enough free disk space and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move the arrows to shrink the selected partition to produce some unallocated space. You need to move the unallocated space close to system partition.
Step3. Right click system partition and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. Move the arrows to extend system partition and then click "Apply" button.

Need to Resize Partition on SBS 2003
"I have run into a problem on my Windows SBS 2003 that system partition frequently shows low disk space warning. I have installed a Seagate hard drive which has been divided into C drive and D drive on my computer. C drive hold the operating system and some important programs, while D drive hold some files like photos, videos, music, documents, etc. Now, the C drive is running out of disk space on SBS 2003, but D drive still has plenty of free space. Is there any way to move some free space from D drive to C drive?"

Extend C Drive SBS 2003
For the problem above, partition software can fix the low disk space on SBS 2003 C drive easily and efficiently. With partition software, you can shrink a partition that has large free space to squeeze some unallocated space. You can also move partition, so you can move the unallocated volume close to C drive. With this partition software, you can also extend C drive when unallocated volume is moved to close to C drive. You don’t need to worry that you may lose data during partition resizing, partition software helps with C drive resizing on SBS 2003 without touching any data on the hard disk.

SBS 2003 Partition Management
Windows built-in utilities on SBS 2003 allows users to perform some basic partition management under "Disk Management" such as delete partition, format partition, change drive letter, etc. However, there is no option to resize disk partition under Windows SBS 2003 Disk Management. There is another way to perform partition management on SBS 2003. Some users find that it is possible to resize disk partition on SBS 2003 by running Diskpart command. However, after you run the Diskpart command, you may find that it is unable to resize a system partition or FAT32 partition.

In addition to Disk Management and Diskpart command, there is another solution that can help you manage disk partition on SBS 2003 much easier. Partition software is third-party partition software that can resize system partition and data partition when Diskpart command fails to extend the partition on SBS 2003.

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