Friday, June 13, 2014

Extend C Drive Space on Windows Server 2003

Is the free space on C drive too little? Are you going to extend C drive space on Windows Server 2003? Usually, you may want to extend C drive when encountering following situation:
  • No program or software can be installed to C drive because it is too small
  • More other reasons such as computer is running more and more slowly, system corruption unexpectedly, etc

Extend C Drive Space with Partition Magic
To extend C drive space on Windows Server 2003, partition software can meet all your needs. This partition magic is able to work on all Windows Server OS to help with partition resizing when it is running on low disk space or when you want to resize hard disk partition due to other reasons. With this partition magic, there is no need to move or delete any data from original place. You can easily extend C drive within a few steps. This partition magic also enables you to shrink and move partition easily.

Steps to Extend C Drive Windows Server 2003
Step1. Download, install and launch partition software on your computer. Right click a partition that has large free disk space and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move the arrows to shrink the selected partition to squeeze some unallocated space.
Step3. You should move the unallocated space close to C drive. Right click C drive and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. When mouse shows double arrows symbol, you can move the arrows to extend C drive. And then, you can click "Apply" button to apply all pending changes to extend C drive.

Users That Need Help on C Drive Resizing Windows Server 2003
User1: C drive is lacking of space on Windows Server 2003 and it slows down my computer. It only took me less than one minute to start my computer ever, but recently I need to spend more than five minutes to start my computer. After starting my computer, it still runs very slowly. I think the low disk space on C drive has much influence on the performance of my computer, so I want to increase the size of C drive. What should I do?

User2: Can I resize C drive without repartitioning the hard disk on Windows Server 2003? I have Windows Server 2003 installed on my PC, and there are two partitions on the computer. Now, C partition is too small to install any program, while D drive still has a lot of free space. I want to move some free space from D drive to C drive, but I don’t want to repartition the hard disk. I don’t want to reinstall system, either. Then, how can I extend C drive without repartitioning or reinstalling?

Partition Software for Extending Server 2003 Extend C Drive
If you run into the similar problem above, partition software is able to help you extend C drive without repartitioning hard disk on Windows 2003. You can run this partition magic to shrink data volume that has large free disk space to produce some unallocated space, and then you can add the unallocated space to C drive to get it extended. Partition software is easy to handle, and you can resize hard disk partition on Windows Server 2003 even if you don’t have any professional knowledge or skill. You can extend C drive no matter it is NTFS and FAT32 file system without rebooting your computer. This partition magic is time-saving and completely safe to use.

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